is a free service to save and manage your bookmarks (favorites) on the web and have easy access to them from any computer in the world.
Using you can easily synchronize your UpSave account to the bookmarks you've saved locally in your browser. This gives you a way to both backup your precious bookmarks and gain access to them no matter where you're connected to the web, whether at home, work, school, while travelling...

Another advantage in using UpSave to manage your bookmarks is the search capabilities. Using UpSave you can easily search through all your bookmarks for one or more keywords in order to find long lost bookmarks according to any information you've saved about them.
No more trying to remember where you saved that link to
no matter where in the world you are.

Signing up is free and doesn't require any downloads.

Adding new bookmarks to your UpSave account is done in two easy steps:
  1. Click on the UpSave button in your browser's toolbar and the site that you're currently viewing is sent to be added to your UpSave account.
    UpSave Button

  2. Edit the new bookmark's information, add any other description that you have and click Add. That's it!

About was founded in January 2001 by Guy Malachi.

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