Search UpSave Bookmarks with DQSD

Dave's Quick Search Deskbar (DQSD) is an excellent free search tool that sits in your taskbar and lets you quickly and easily search many different sites.
Some of the sites you can search with DQSD are:
  • Google, Google Images, Yahoo, Altavista, Amazon...
  • Lookup a word in the dictionary
  • Convert measurements
  • Lookup stock quotes
  • and a LOT more...

Searching UpSave Bookmarks with DQSD
Now you can search your UpSave bookmarks directly from your Windows Explorer Taskbar by using DQSD.

In order to add the UpSave search to Dave's Quick Search Deskbar (after you have installed DQSD):
  • If you have a new version of DQSD (3.1.8 or newer) then all you have to do is type
    in the DQSD search box and the UpSave search will be added automatically.


  • If you have an older version of DQSD then download the DQSD UpSave search (right click and select "Save Target As...") and save the file in your DQSD "searches" folder
    This is usually in "C:\Program Files\Quick Search Deskbar\searches\"
  • Restart DQSD by typing ! in the DQSD search box

Using the DQSD UpSave Search
In order to search your UpSave bookmarks with DQSD just type:
in the DQSD search box.

Tip: if you are using your regular computer (not a shared computer) then you may want to use the "Remember Me" UpSave feature in order to not have to login every time you search your bookmarks.

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